On a more somber note, my smallest* cousin was hospitalized yesterday. It looks okay - definitely not as bad as mine was, and I don't think there's any doubt he'll pull through, but my family is having panic flashbacks because he's 2.5 and has pneumonia. When that happened to me at exactly the same age, I almost died and ended up becoming Not Hear Good Girl instead. (This is the time the generation above me still speaks of as "when you got sick" and doesn't go into details on. Everyone older than me remembers this time. A lot.)

Weird to be looking at it from this side of things. I feel kind of strange because the first thought I had when I heard was "well, if the same thing happens, at least he'll have someone to ask about it." Which I'm pretty sure is what you aren't supposed to think when your little cousin is in the hospital. But there it is.

I hope I don't have to talk with him about hearing aids before he goes to kindergarten, though. Another normal "congratulations, you're going to school now!" celebration in a few years would be nice.

*tied for smallest with his twin, technically. Actually, he's a tiny bit older, so second-smallest is most accurate.