Most of my life (and RSI-rationed typing time) this week was spent on

Not just CFS - visited 2 SoaS pilot sites with Caroline and have some tickets to file when I can type again tomorrow...

In other news, my immune system has declared war on spring (yay allergies) and I have my first jazz jam session in 14 hours. Jason Rock also made my day with a first mockup of multiply - see the feedback that he's gotten, starting here with Frederick.

Hands in pain, typed too much writing all the CFS updates... need replacement for next week's notes. Bedtime.

Today was full of win. I played music with other people and did not freak out. Tonight,
however, typing is not an option. Dasher is slow, but rocks.

I am no longer terrified of playing music with other people. Shaky and a little nervous and in need of practice, sure. But the irrational terror is gone.

I want more.
I am working on getting ready for a week of no typing in order to see if it makes my hands any happier and what I do with my computer,
since dasher and voice rec are fine and I can still read as fast as ever. This will start on Wednesday. After that,
the borrowed ms natural keyboard from Greg will be employed.

Watched Kodo today. Wow.