Since the small-todolist thing is working out quite well, I figure maybe Saturday (in between hanging out with family) I might be able to...

  • Put my todo list in emacs org-mode in another good-faith attempt to try out that editor (seriously, there's got to be a reason so many people like it, but I haven't gotten over the "but it's not vim!" part yet)
  • Move the projects that I host to other places; why bother keeping up infrastructure? If I'm playing with things like gitosis, I should do it for a project; there's no reason to have a Mel-specific code repository. Be a better lazy bum.
  • Write character sketches for TWITMWI. Post them. (They'll be awful. That's fine.)
  • Poke the ProjectVRM folks and see if I can pop into visit and find out what they're doing. This curiosity has festered long enough.
  • 150 pushups throughout the course of the day. Reflect on how the people at crossfit are utterly insane.
  • Solo on the A section of "Well You Needn't."
  • Ask about lifecamp-NYC locations for April 11th. All day Saturday, lifehacking unconference, w00t. Throw up a wiki for that while you're at it. And an excellent excuse to finally see Sumana's standup comedy presentation!

That's all guaranteed to get done; this later stuff might not. Not all of it will happen, in any case.

  • I'd like to try out Eclipse and its purported "it hooks up with version control! it has lots of features! it contains plentiful magic!" stuff by writing a patch for either the IRC Activity (SJ is right; it needs a name that isn't "IRC," but XoIRC seems narrowly inaccurate) or TracBacks. I'm usually a minimalist and throw open a couple terminals and just edit code in vim, but I have allowed myself to be happily spoiled by nice IDEs before. They've never stuck more than a few months, though. Yet.
  • Check out liquidpcb by making my own clone of the AVR business card. I'm not actually going to use this as a business card; it costs too much. But it would be awesome.
  • Try building a SMW-based test case system in a clean sandbox mediawiki installation - sort of a "if you were to remake it from scratch now that you've used the first iteration for a while..." experiment. Document the creation process as a public service, and because you tend to document everything anyway.

However, I should clean my inbox on Saturday. It's down to a backlog of 246; I didn't really chip away at it today.

Even if I've been quiet on IRC and mailing lists for the last 2 weeks as I've crawled out of being miserable and sick, it's been very inspiring - and heartening - to see my friends continuing to make progress on Sugar and OLPC, steadily being Awesome. Sean marches forth with marketing; Walter (how does he have time for this?) keeps turning out new versions of TurtleArt. Cjb keeps the wheels of OLPC's software turning. GuruFest takes shape as Colin makes arrangements with guest speakers, Yifan is working on the CFS XS, and every time I turn around, Mick's made more things in the Activity infrastructure work. And Tomeu and Simon are nuts; there are no other words for it. They're everywhere. They're doing the work of at least 10 men apiece. I can't even keep up with all the things they're doing. And there are many more, and other friends who are likewise right now a bit more in the background than usual (new jobs, job hunting, life).

You know what? OLPC feels like what I think a first breakup would feel like. We're still friends and all, but it's no longer the Giant Huge Defining Factor in my life. It's an important project-friend, but now it's also one of many. And I'm rediscovering old buddies (like sci-fi writing) I'd neglected in my prior infatuation. Strange. But good. And interesting to watch the resettling into unstable equilibria.

Woo! Backup's done - Fedora install time!