(Gah. I posted a better, longer version of this, and then something went funny with Wordpress, and I think I overwrote it. Anyway...)

Heads-up on one thing I'm working on: Wade, David, andTomeu caught me up on the Remora port, which is a Sugar Labs ActivityTeam project working to use the software behind http://addons.mozilla.org as a Activities user-facing infrastructure for installation, reviews, and ratings of .xo bundles. I'm looking forward to hanging out with the Welly testers this weekend, and this is something they need so that we can migrate their Activity test results upstream to Sugar Labs.

The Remora port is still a small project, but Wade says it's the biggest crucial blocker to the ActivityTeam moving forward. We could use some php/mysql wizards to define and hack on tickets for this, and we’ll need user-facing testers soon. There are instructions up on how to help, or feel free to poke me / holler with questions. I have some questions of my own about it.