I started to take down, in Extremely-Draftlike-Alpha-Form, some notes on OLPC community from discussions during the last week. We know we're not the only people talking about this, and would love pointers to discussions on the same being held by other groups in other places, as these ideas form.

Budding ideas and new wiki pages include things like Pia, Michael, and Chris's discussion (long transcripts are included in the links) about a community-run release team, as well as transcribing Pia's diagrams of how the addition of two project teams (a community council and an advisory council) might help our already self-governing and distributed (yay!) community to define and understand itself a little more. (I feel like I should be parading around with huge "These are rough ideas! These are drafts!" signs right now, because they are.)

We'd love ideas, thoughts, people to chime in on the conversation, pointers to current conversations and resources, and so on. Concerns and criticisms are particularly welcome; please keep asking the crucial question of "do we actually need this?" There are definitely many missing bits - were I more adept at shaping witty words, I would write some clever variant of "it takes a community to create a community" here, but I think people here know what I mean.

To eat my own dogfood regarding balancing metawork with non-meta (or at least less-meta) work, I chugged on upstream migration of Activity testing to Sugar Labs for a while.

Nifty reading of the day: Mitch's response to the conversation about AMD halting development of the Geode. And applause to Cjl and Seth for battling the Tedious Spam Beast (two separate battles, two separate victories) today - it's tedious and thankless work, but necessary to keep the noise-to-signal ratio low so the rest of us can be productive.