I'm in the wonderful position of being able to unjobhunt while being surrounded by friends more or less doing the same. It's not that applying for jobs is a bad thing, certainly, and someday I will probably do it - send out my resume, fill out some forms, crank through some applications... at the very least, for grad school down the line. But honestly, after talking with people (including a very reassuring chat with Lynn - thank you, Lynn!) most folks don't find their jobs that way in any case; you get hired more often through personal connections. More importantly, it's hard to find a job you really love through blind applying; it's like blind dating versus getting to know someone through school, a mutual friend, etc. first and then realizing that hey, you're mutually single and attracted.

Likewise, I'm a happy freelancer, volunteer, entrepreneur, whatever you want to call it - perhaps "I'm temporarily retired." I'm doing what I want to do, contributing to the world in the way that feels right to contribute now; I'm happy and I'm also warm and fed. Full-time work is a wonderful convenient package deal that most people take to get Things They Want In Life. But you can get that functionality in other ways - or at least I can for the time being. Here's Andrea on jobhunting, with similar sentiments to mine:

First, let me address the “how’s the job hunt?” question: in short, it’s not.

Right now, I’m not actively spending my days pouring over job listings and sending out cover letters, and I won’t be anytime soon. Instead, I’m spending way more of my time just talking to people, not in the “I want a job from you” kind of way, but in a “hey, we both do interesting things, and I have the time, so let’s chat” kind of way. If jobs come out of these relationships, then that’s super. If not, that’s totally fine, since the relationships are more important to me. If a job falls in my lap in the midst of everything I’m doing right now, and it’s the right job at the right place, I won’t say no.

People I know are sending me links and leads to jobs, which is always helpful, as long as they fit what I’m looking for. But otherwise, I’ve eschewed the traditional job search for now. More importantly, I’m resting, spending my time doing things I’ve needed and wanted to do, and just enjoying life. I’ll let you know when things change in that respect.

I've been harping about the abundance mentality - folks, this is basically it. Today I've got a piano to practice and a project to build. If I have time (and I think I will), I'll also have some testing to do, a massive inbox to go through, and an apartment to clean; plane tickets to book, and several conversations to have.

In the meantime, I've enjoyed such things as Indian food at the acetarium accompanied by a research survey discussion, and have worked out a good way to sleep warmly on my floor on my mattress topper, as Yifan is on the bed and Will (Chris's brother) has borrowed my sleeping bag for the air mattress. You layer your two coats - one for your feet, one for your torso - between the blanket you're using and the (somewhat anemic, after years of filling being matted into corners) comforter. The keyboard over your head blocks the light from the window and makes it rather comfortable.

I miss taxi rides with Scott now. I think I always learned something from them. Reckon I'll have to visit Illinois soon, then.