Happy moments today (also: talking with Brian Jordan about deployments, promising to return Henry's books, plans for lunch next week, being here....)

11:32am: Oh... my god. I am so proud of the IMSA students right now. Arjun and Katie and Jason are standing up there pwning everything; their presentation has started a great discussion with a tough audience of very, very smart people at FUDCON.

1:30pm: Scott and the IMSA students head out - we'll meet again soon. I'm due for a visit to Chicago in the next few months...

4:15pm: Martin jokes on #olpc-meeting (the last meeting as employees for many of us) that we should rebase to Debian Potato; the entire Amoeba breaks out in shared laughter, though we're all silently typing into our screens. This is the bit that I will miss.

5pm: I think... that right now, I am the happiest person in the world. (Not for the reason you may think, though. Can't say why quite yet.)

Now an email, then to Bernie's. It's a beginning.