I don't make New Year's resolutions - for me, they're often promises I don't know enough about to promise, and will therefore break, and so I don't make them. (This means I greatly admire people who can make and keep them.) Three things I am continuing to work on, though.

  1. Develop my ability to turn that super-turbo-hyperactive button off.
  2. Constrain my whining in the form of overthinking things the same way I constrain my whining-like whining. ("I'm going to whine and vent for 5 minutes to get it out of my system, and then I'm going to stop, and then I'm going to do stuff.")
  3. The anti-flakiness campaign - becoming more reliable. Too often I genuinely want my word to be my bond, and then forget. My word should be my bond, period, full stop. Dramatic progress has been made on this in the last 2 months especially, but I still need to strengthen my followup-fu.

Yifan, Scott, and the IMSA crew arrive tomorrow; I'm looking forward to them being here in Boston for a week. The "interesting!" and "full of eustress!" life-o-meters are surging and spiking dramatically (yay!) - Yifan, in particular, has been an absolute lifesaver. I'll likely be telling more of this story as the week goes by.

So, today was my only real day of vacation - my day, my schedule, my projects, my extended rest period (I went to bed a bit before 10am and didn't get up until 2pm - for me, that is extended). It was very, very good. Tonight I'll sleep more. Hopefully 6+ hours; I will need the buffer.

The (metaphorical, not actual running) marathon I talked about? It starts tomorrow morning. I'll be running it in a series of sprints, and I'm ready for it to take its toll, with recovery stations on standby along the road. I'm going to be enjoying the journey. I have to; I don't know what the destination's going to be.