Noting that I cleared more messages from my "it's arrived in the meantime" inbox than from my "backlog" inbox, and that I cleared more than half of my backlog, this is... rather encouraging. Home stretch! Okay, okay, I wimped out. I couldn't get through the entire backlog and I knew there were emails in there I should reply to quickly. I have one more day to get through the last 82 before the script kicks in.

Today: riding through small-town Florida on an electric scooter with brother, pausing together at a key lime pie factory for pie (frozen, dipped in chocolate, on a stick), lime soda, limeade, and then strolling the pier, popping into a longboard shop, and very fresh fried seafood (fishermen arrived when we sat down; the proprietor took the catch they'd brought in, fried it, and served it to us) at a roadside kitchen trailer festooned with pirate gear.

Had some good conversations. Did the aforementioned inbox cleaning. It's almost 6am now, though - so it looks like the thing I've chosen to drop tonight is physical rest. Ah well; tradeoff I chose to make. I can manage a day on 2.5 hours of sleep. I've done it... at this point, probably hundreds of times already.

Vacation has, so far, been primarily a question of "so what kind of tired are you going to be today?" (This is an improvement! Being only one kind of tired per day instead of all kinds of tired every day is a big, big difference.)