12 hours of sleep? It's been a while since I hit that number. I just sort of lay down on the couch and bam, out like a light for 3 hours, woke up long enough to stagger to my actual mattress, continued to sleep. To be fair, I was conscious for a good portion of that time between 2:30am and 8:30am, lying in bed and thinking, but the line between light sleep and deep thought with my eyes closed gets pretty hazy, so it was probably more like 7-9 hours of sleep than 12. Definitely not continuous.

It felt good. i don't think I really was all that sleep-deprived, per se - more rest-deprived than anything else. Usually, lying conscious but immobile for 6 hours would drive me completely insane, but it just felt really good. I got up when I felt antsy enough not to be able to lie still any more.

Spent some time reading a great post from Tim on the (misbegotten) notion of "best practices." (Make sure to read the things he links to, particularly all the comments on the James Bach post.) Re-read the support-gang notes (publicly posted - thanks Adam!) about OLPC's new "Change The World" program, previously known as "Give Many." Laughed at the familiarity of Sumana's post on being stuffed silly during visits to family. It was a good brain wakeup.

I've only got 40 emails left to clean up this morning, and then - long hot shower. Nice fruit breakfast with croissants. And then... work!

Hm, I wonder when I'll get back to whittling down my inbox again. Maybe tonight?