Happy belated birthday, Mako and Chris!

Scott found captioning tools, something that always makes me happy. Tomeu wrote up notes from Sugarcamp (part 1 and part 2); it's neat to see an event you've been at from someone else's perspective. Rosemary still won't let me pay for dinner. I won't write about work or projects tonight, aside from mentioning that people continue to make me happy and thankful - and grateful - for the honor of working with them. I think this sense of constant gratitude is a big part of what drives me towards community creation wherever I happen to be.

Sitting in front of the heating vent at my aunt's house to keep my fingers warm while typing; I have my laptop propped up on my knees so that the hot air flows over my hands as they're on the keyboard. I love my scarf and jacket. I am not sure why I did not do this "scarf" thing before. Scarves. They keep your neck from freezing. And your nose, and head, and...

Thanks to Frances for the most efficient wardrobe-winterizing shopping trip I've ever been on - I was whining about clothes shopping until 15 minutes after we'd started when I realized that we were on the 8th jacket and the 2nd store and that things were progressing fast enough to be Not That Annoying, Actually. Mostly I'm totally won over by this Being Warm thing; I'm a wardrobe functionalist and try to get what Ryan Mitchell and I have termed "eigenclothing" - the fewest clothing elements that one can own and still have appropriate types and numbers of outfits for the situations one is commonly in. My eigenclothing set needs to be idiot-proofed (this process is underway) because this is my clothes-picking procedure:

  1. Grab first pair of socks and underwear I come across in socks-and-underwear drawer
  2. Grab top pants from clean pants stack
  3. Grab top tshirt from tshirt drawer
  4. Continue to pop clean-clothing stack onto self until I am no longer cold

The danger in this is that given the presence of certain "incompatible" (I'm told some things are incompatible; I'm apparently very bad at noticing this kind of thing myself) clothing items in said stacks, I may end up walking downstairs in plaid green and brown jogging pants, a ragged neon yellow tshirt, and a nice collared pullover to cries of horror from the breakfast table. (Not that... anything like this has ever happened, necessarily. Um... yes. Moving on.)

Next: find hat. Head is cold. Scarf is not particularly designed to cover head (although it sort of works out, in a pinch).

My inbox is not getting any shorter tonight; I barely kept it at steady-state today. That's fine; today was an especially crazy email day, and I'm proud that I've managed to maintain that steady state. I'll tackle it again later. I think it's time for another herioc effort in that direction. (Yeah, it's a sort of silly goal, but knowing that i have unanswered email is just sucking thought and time and energy away from me, and I am going to freakin' end this. No more vampires. It's not worth my time.)