Ok, I'm not quite done preparing for the meeting, but I know what I need to do to get ready for it, and I'm psyched. This is our next community testing meeting (focused on Sugar Activity testing - today, Thursday 12/04, in #olpc-meeting, join us!) To understand why, first look at The Law Of Two Feet, then read on for an excerpt from the meeting announcement email...

This meeting is a little different from the ones we've had before... at any given moment in the meeting hour, everyone should be engaged and getting something out of it - with all the work you're putting in, it's the least we can do to try to make that happen. Conversely, it means that if you're there and don't announce yourself as a lurker, I'm going to assume you're listening and want to be constantly engaged, and act accordingly... Instead of status updates [and action items], we'll spend our time on decision-making, discussions, reviews, and brainstorms - things that really need the whole group present.

Here's the entire email for the whole context of how that's going to happen. We've got a brainstorm planned to smoke out Activity testing blockers. For folks who might be slightly rusty on their brainstorming, check out the brainstorming rules that we'll be using; they feature dragons. (Pony-eating ones, of course.)


My job is to enable people to test the things they want to test. (Er, OLPC-related things. I'd like to test chocolate cake too, but until we find a way to make it an Activity...) So. How can I help you?