Olin challenge: fail.

Well, not exactly. I was supposed to see them tonight, just in a different place. The Oliners who came out to the G1G1 launch party entered the T car I was about to exit from. So I rode with them to Alewife and then back again to Harvard. Greg came. He and David are amazing. I listen to them talk and think "my gosh, they think in a way that I do not know how to learn - I must learn how to learn to think that way." I'm very glad they're here, and plan on arranging my outside-of-work schedule so that I can just be around them, listening, as much as possible...

Only one hour over my bedtime tonight. I'm slowly trickling in the cutting-back; each time I read my RSS feeds, I unsubscribe from one, and when I can, I take myself off another mailing list. Wild tangled undergrowth, meet sharp machete. (But please don't stop growing, brain. The rapid proliferation of all sorts of random things is what makes you so dang alive.)

I saw a house today and it was beautiful. I hope that I can own one soon... with space somewhere to make a workshop in.