It was a partial success. I got the first thing done, but the second was blocked by things outside my control. I guess I should have a backup thing-to-do in case that happens again. In any case, I'll do that second thing tomorrow.

The problem I have with leaving things undone is that they are uncaught exceptions. I feel like I should have some sort of publicly posted if statement that says something like "I may take some time to respond, so you may want to try A, B, or C first; if you don't hear back from me in N days, you will probably not hear back at all, feel free to resend at that point." And then I feel lousy for ignoring things. I feel like I should have capacity to deal with this, but as has been pointed out to me many times, I can't do everything. (I forget this frequently and try anyway.)

Tired, stressed, and not thinking straight. I am at least doing well in forcing myself to sleep (at least 5 hours a night - upped this to 6 during this week and next because I need to force myself to rest and step back) and forcing time-out to physically exhaust myself, mostly through kicking things. (Yay martial arts! Also, total failure to keep up with jumping squats today. However, I'm pleasantly surprised at the tiny bit of pushup-fu I've gained in just 2 weeks.

Forcing myself to rest is very hard. It takes more energy to try to rest than it does to not-rest sometimes. (Yes, this defeats the point of resting, and does not count as actual resting time. I'm learning.)

My heart is starting to get used to the idea that moving blood != time to panic. I ran a half-mile down the street with a full backpack today, with long-legged effortless strides - it was like flying. I do not often run like this; it felt great. (Well, for half a mile. And then the "wait, you're running - time for pain! you need more oxygen!" reaction triggered, and things were slightly less pleasant.)

So many tiny things and people are keeping me going right now.

Ok. Forced rest. Try not to think or care for 6 hours - well, I mean, think, and care, but - don't stress. Eh, I think I know what I mean by this, and that is good enough. Bed.