C. Scott Ananian gave his much-anticipated talk and demo of next-gen Journal design ideas today. Ed McNierny filmed (files still transferring), Brian Jordan recorded (mp3) (ogg), and I transcribed. If you can, please read and edit the transcript while you're listening to the recording - just dump the text into an editor and follow along, filling in/correcting gaps I missed.

Scott posted slides up afterwards (odp) (pdf), as well as the freakin' awesome dogfoodable code he demoed (journal2) (pinot). (Warning: code not for the faint of heart, or intended for general consumption at this point.) Video should be up soon and will be posted here when it is up.

Help cleaning up / preparing meeting/presentation notes, transcripts, and suchnot is always welcome - there are many things at 1cc we can make more transparent, and sometimes the reason for radio silence is that we simply lack the humanpower to prepare and push the notes out to the public.

For those who want more transparency: what information would you like to know, and what help can you offer in preparing/publishing it? (Note that not all information can be shared - I'm glad our root passwords are not public record.) My personal belief is that we can and should share more than what we do right now, but there is quite a ways to go before transparency-by-default becomes easier than privacy-by-default, and hence stands a chance of becoming the norm.

Edit: Scott posted slides and code! Edited links... yay Scott!