Ahhhh. I'm very thankful for Tiana, Ben, Becky, Aasted, and Chris at dinner tonight. The break and the excellent company helped me let some things go - areas of tension that I should have just released when they came up instead of growing frustrated and hanging onto them. Sometimes i also get a posessive scarcity mentality and it makes me into a twitchy grouch - friends are really good at knocking you out of that sort of thing.

I learned to make lasagna! Grating parmesan and asiago cheese into fluffy white mounds, and melting it into thick tomato puree - holding slippery noodles in your hands and layering spinach over them - it's soothing, working with your hands in a way that doesn't involve a keyboard. Delicious, too. We still have homemade vegan blueberry gelato in our freezer.

I have no reason to be stressed, really. What I needed, I think, was a slow, gentle reset, and a break. I got the reset over dinner; I'm getting the break tonight. Slowly, we learn to live.