• Eyes: burning. (Reason: chopped a lot of onions for vegan Filipino food today, yay for Not!)
  • Legs: tired. (Reason: learned to breakdance, yay for Woon!)
  • Brain: on information overload (Reason: spent way too much time trying to roam through tangled documentation and wiki pages for OLPC today.)

At the risk of reinventing the wheel, I'm going to sleep on the question of "if we had a blank slate, what type of information-finding architecture would I want for support and QA?" and then wake up and write it down, and then see what bits of it have already been implemented.

I'm fairly certain that my obsession with clear, clean infrastructure comes from my high distractability quotient. If my environment prevents me from setting up a good work system, I flounder. Therefore, I need to refocus on modifying the environment first. Occasionally this ends up helping other people, which is nice. It does mean that it sometimes takes me longer to get around to what I am "supposed" to do.

Speaking of environment, it's time for a 5min whirlwind room-cleaning, then for sleep.