Strongbad is wrong. Pouring Mountain Dew on an XO's keyboard is highly unlikely to make it (1) shoot sparks or (2) break. (Thanks to Seth for the tip!)

I also now know what type of notebook-writing pens to get next, thanks to Jerzy.

And then there's this new addition to my feed reader - an international development blog I got from Chris.

I should restart reading varied random things for edification and to share with other people. Hrm. Currently halfway through a book on adolescent psychology that runs counter to my own views on the topic (I like these kinds of books a lot; when rationally and calmly written, they make me consider topics from a different angle).

I have a sound recorder! I'm going to use it heavily over the next few days, carrying it around beside my paper-notebook to get used to taking (and listening to) notes in audio. Part of my self-imposed ear training. Remember, Mel: you're not completely deaf. Recalibrate those expectations of what you can do with non-visual communication. They're probably better than you think they are. Or maybe they're worse. We don't know; we're just making assumptions.

Let's find out.