Oh. This is how I practice piano*.


# Prints a new random chord to play every 5 seconds.
# This could be made more generalizable/hackable/useful, yeah. I'm lazy.

import time
import random

basenote = ['A',  'A#','B','C','C#','D','D#','E','F','F#','G','G#']
chord = ['major','minor','major 7','dominant','minor 7',
'minor 7 flat 5','diminished']

print random.choice(basenote), random.choice(chord)

*The "I need to learn chords, keys, and how to sightread them from a fake book" bit. There's also the part where I'm reworking my Schubert impromptu, and the part where I'm actually going through Hanon to get back my technique. I am mindful that drilling != music and the latter is what I need and want to learn, but this is the equivalent of doing pushups - I'm trying to get the actual muscles of my fingers built up again until they hit keys evenly, because I physically can not play pieces well until they are.