Three bullet points:

  • Sumana, as usual, is right.
  • Friends interested in interface design may like checking out the Sugar Design Team meetings.
  • The German team we met in Japan a few years ago is still working on their project, a car-mounted, computer-controlled paintball gun for marking directions and relief centers in disaster areas.

Now. New England has allergens and pathogens in it, and I appear to be susceptible to both. I feel and sound like I had an invisible garden hose shoved into my throat and up my nose, then turned on (must... buy... more... tissue). I'm going to bed early tonight (I'm going to meet my 1am bedtime, hurrah!) and not setting my alarm. And then inhaling LOTS OF STEAM when I wake up. Blah. I do not like this being sleepy thing because it usually means that I am sick.

Cheese + dogs + polymaths, however, make for quite an enjoyable evening. Hurrah for Josh and good ideas!