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I may have explained this before, but I'm starting new things with a 2-week timer; that is, when I begin something new, I'm not allowed to start another something-new until at least 2 weeks have passed. This is a counter to my tendency to jump into many new things with unbridled optimism and then shortly thereafter choke and stagger under workdeath; it doesn't mean I can't do anything else, just that I have to drop other things if needed so I can finish starting my New Thing properly. I'm cheating a bit for this month: "New Apartment" was from Aug. 23 - Sep. 5, but "Yay For Piano Lessons" only gets 10 days to start before "First Job" comes up on the 15th.

Since I couldn't sleep more than 6 hours this morning (yes, after driving straight from Boston in a 20 hour push) I spent 2 hours at the library today reading through the 11 personal finance books in the library that pertained to people under 30. They mostly boiled down to "Debt is bad," "Save a lot as early as you can," and "Compound interest is mathemagical" - not much I hadn't heard before, but I took notes on specific things to do this time, and the next few days will see them implemented. (This is like my attempts to manage email, my calendar, my to-do list, etc - never works out perfectly or at least hasn't yet, but every iteration gets a little better.)

It was fun, actually; I haven't done that kind of research skim-sprint for a while; I should fold it into the "Pretend You're Still A Student And Study Stuff That You Should Have Learned In Classes" New Thing when I start that up eventually. I want to do that soon, maybe next month, depending on how I feel about "I Can Has Wardrobe?" and "Maybe I Should Actually Exercise On A Non-Random Basis" after my "New Job" 2-week timer is up. I swear that I will have a life outside of work somehow. It's good for me. It's good for me.

Also, taxes. Did some calculations today on those. GAAAAAAAH SO MUCH. I also sorted through health insurance stuff today. It was... informative, if not particularly fun. On the up side, I had gumbo for dinner, and my parents are giving me a blender as an apartment-warming gift (read: refunding me the purchase price of the blender I had already bought). My arms and shoulders hurt from driving still, but I'm relaxing them - on that note, I should put away the keyboard now.

Yep. Happiness. Can has.