After driving people out to Olin last night, I was awake and so decided to assemble furniture. I kept assembling furniture until all furniture that I could assemble with the tools available was assembled and I had nothing else to do except sleep (circa 2:30am). Thrashed about a bit, became unconscious, woke up at 6:45 and was awake. As in, 6:45 is when I gave up trying to go back to sleep. So I unpacked some more...

My life has become this parade of shopping and unpacking, shopping, driving, and unpacking. Sometimes the shopping is fantastic, like carting around large pieces of wood at Home Depot (and a drill - we're doing a bit of make-your-own stuff); sometimes it's somewhat less fantastic, like when I grudgingly conceded that I should leave room in my closet for some clothing (as opposed to bookshelves all the way across).

I think we've got mostly everything by now. Thursday will be the last big day of Getting Stuff, as that is when my bed and Chris's coffee table arrive and when I'm going to pick up my keyboard from Guitar Center and snatch the last few remnants of things we didn't get today - eggshell foam, an extra lightbulb, maybe another floor lamp. Then... that's it. We can retire to nurse our aching wallets with impending paychecks for another year.

I got a little too preoccupied with Getting Stuff, because somewhere around 9:30pm when I finally started to walk back to the (fully loaded) van in Natick I realized that I was feeling kind of woozy and lightheaded and that I had forgotten something that day: eating. Whoops. Fortunately, Nikki still had nearly all the sandwich stuff I'd gotten for Olin's move-in day sitting in her fridge, so I swung by, inhaled a plum and sandwich, and then (blood sugar levels newly fortified) proceeded to hurtle down the highway much less fuzzy-headed, which was nice.*

*I'm going to post a sign on "Care And Feeding Of The Mel" above/beside my workstation at 1cc when I get table space, requesting that folks drag me outside for sunlight, food, sleep, and that kind of thing. I may not remember to get much of that stuff otherwise.

Then I walked into the apartment and there was a call of "Mel! Fondue!" and Chris and Leslie (who had earlier accompanied us to Costco so that we could get big bags of frozen food and whiteboards, bless her) had this gorgeous molten pool of cheesy habanero sitting out on the table and we stuffed ourselves silly with dipping ciabatta cubes and carrots and celery and apples into it.

It is a little odd to be writing about just living, rather than working on this or that - my current big project is Yavin IV, but that seems so... small, and mundane, and ordinary, compared to the usual, y'know, BREAK NEW GROUND! CHANGE THE WORLD! RAH RAH RAH BIG IMPORTANT THING! and it's honestly just a little nice to have that be the case for a tiny amount of time. To work on something purely selfish and extraordinarily ordinary. I don't think I can keep it up for very much longer; I can't wait for work to start on the 15th.

I think I have enough to do before then, though.