Assembling furniture: Useful, sort of boring.

Assembling furniture while trying not to bleed on it: Less boring.

Sometimes when unpacking, things are sharp.

Leslie came out on Thursday night with more kitchen things, and we broke in a fair number of our appliances by cooking our first meal at Yavin IV (the name of our apartment; it's near the Maverick T stop, and Maverick -> Rebel -> Rebel Alliance). Chris made curry, we ate on the roof as the sun set. Last night was spent at Sunset with more Olin people (yay!) and I... went shopping before that, and - well, you'll see.

Interesting news, courtesy of my brother. I tend to view these things with a detached scientific curiosity, as I don't really want (or need) to hear more than I do; it's what I'm used to now. Besides, spending more energy on hoping for something I probably won't get is less productive than harnessing those joules to work on... assembling furniture, or something else that I know I can get done.

I own far to many books, so I believe I will continue in my original (and formerly abandoned) plan of Read And Take Good Notes And Then Give Out As Presents. It's either that or buy something like 5 bookcases and have a maze of bookshelves in my room instead of walls and floor.

My boxes are consuming the floor space in the kitchen and living room, so I ought to continue to unpack now. Yes.