Ahh. I get to sleep on a mattress now. My mattress. In my apartment. Which I have now. Shared with Chris. I'm still in somewhat stunned disbelief regarding this, but the hours of unpacking and assembling furniture are starting to sink in. Also, boy howdy trashcans are expensive. It feels incredibly good to be back in Boston.

I think I'm home, if I can find out what that means exactly now. I still have a wanderlust and probably always will, but I also think I need to have a place to run away from - and that place is home. (Someday I want to 'settle down' and have a stable place to run away from. Big house somewhere, full of people who will also be based mostly there for many years. Hey. I can dream.)

There is a terrific backlog of posts stored up on my XO. It's somewhere in the depths of the minivan buried underneath such things as bookshelves and a mop. I'll post it later when I find it. But yes, we drove to Boston, made it, found a place to stay, so basically, NextPhaseOfLife.start() has executed. It has many threads and takes a long, long time and lots and lots of processing power.

Olin move-in today. And lots of shopping. Dropped Nikki off at Olin (Tank took the T to get her car), bought some plates and brooms and shelves and a dish rack and many things for me and Chris, gazed longingly at piano store (I'm going to get a digital; I'm starting lessons soon), went back to Olin, brought food (half-consumed), got mistaken for a freshman (by a sophomore who hadn't met me yet), helped people haul in boxes, haul out bins, had some cannoli out at Greg's, removed belongings from aunt's basement, staggered back to Maverick, currently half-collapsed on couch listening to Chris and Leslie unpack kitchenware.

I've pushed back my hyperactivity a little (I pulled it up to drive so I could be awake for that) and hopefully that'll be enough to let me just collapse a little bit tonight. I can allow myself to be tired for 12 hours, right? Right.

Good night, world.