I believe I've just successfully taken most of a weekend off from work, which is a rather remarkable and uncommon occurence in my life - I'll have to practice this more, as I think I'm more effective doing things in short intense bursts (I'm a sprinter).

Breakfast: Travesty-in-a-can (aerosol pancakes) for Andrew, who headed back home this morning. Also ridiculously overbuttered eggs, buckwheat pancakes, and mango sausage. I talk about food here because the details of such are more concrete than saying the vague (but very true) "man, I miss Andrew. It was awesome having him around."

Lunch: At the Botanical Gardens with mom, right before listening to taiko drumming (apparently it was Japanese theme day, and there was also a special bonsai exhibit). Taiko drumming is something I'd like to do again at some point in time. Some Go players had set up a table and I quickly found that I'd forgotten much of what Mark had taught me sophomore year... eventually I managed to remember enough to hold things even with a handicap of 2, but zow. Rustiness.

Dinner: Made frozen yogurt with Chris. Blueberry. I drove to 3 different hardware stores looking for rock salt; finally settled on the 99.5% salt (0.5% Something Else) used for... water purifiers or something.

Still feel awkward on the piano. Still, for some reason, really like it. Still trying to get it back again.

Also interesting: watching wasps drop from the attic above as mom doused their nest with noxious fumes. Plip. Rain of writhing wasps on the driveway. Crushing them was an act of mercy. While I don't like stingy insects hanging around the house, I'm also mixed about preemptively soaking them with Chemicals of Deathiness. Not that mixed, though. I helped hang the new screen up there.

As time goes by, I'm coming more and more to appreciate and love (and realize how weird it is) to be able to snap into happiness and excitedness at will. It doesn't stop me from being tired and/or sad, but I can almost always turn on being happy and energized on top of it, and since the latter is the more visible/dominant state, it works really, really well. It's like speedreading for me; it's something I just did since forever, and took for granted, and am still mildly surprised that anyone would consider it not natural.

Compartmentalized lives aren't particularly fun to live. I shall attempt to not have one inasmuch as I am able to do so.

Having a good library nearby is... indispensible. I love the feeling of melting into stacks of books - it's one of the few places where my mind can both roam and be free from distraction enough to focus on whatever it happens to flit onto, and where having my mind flit onto Random Things is totally okay.

It's kind of neat to come across people who've developed similar coping
mechanisms for the world as you have, but entirely independently. It's also kind of neat to see the words they use to describe it, and how they're different from the words you chose yourself.

Though I dislike having a car, driving said motor vehicle, and look forward to once again having less hair, there's something nice that I'll miss about being able to cruise down a late-night street with the front windows open and music playing and tangled trails of hair (my hair is straight and fine and soft) dancing about your ears and face. I won't miss it enough to prevent me from cutting my hair and selling the van, but it's a kind of moment that I sort of... on top of all the things I dislike about the car and the hair and the everything, the kind of moment that I actually enjoy.

Two days left for packing and finishing everything. Must force myself to rest more, and rest more regularly - hence typing here in an attempt to coax myself into that mental state. It appears to be working.