Concert #4 attended: Leopold and Loeb on Thursday night. My (IMSA) friend Shreyas is their bassist and also does lead vocals on a good portion of the songs, so it was nifty yet surreal to see him on stage, surrounded by amps and shining lights, yelling into a microphone and doing fan. We had to wait for two other bands (both of which confused me tremendously - one involved a surrealist b&w projection and a theremin) before L&L went on.

And they rocked. I want a CD so i can replay all those catchy licks all the time. (And I want to be able to play drums like Seamus.) As I type this, I have "Stacy By Gaslight" stuck in my head.

I'll skip the part where we got in trouble for going to the concert afterwards.

I will also add in dim-sum making lessons at Mrs. Lee's house, lumpia night, and good conversations with Greg. (Well, a good conversation, but one of a string of several.

And then I will sleep.