The last few days have been reminiscent of being - oh, around 14 years old again. I'm perfectly healthy, super-energetic and mildly hyperactive (no longer sick, yay!) and under a constant haze of sleep deprivation. It feels comfortingly familiar, because I felt like that all the darn time through high school and most of college. It is also most definitely not optimal - I don't know how I did things in this state for nearly 6 years.

My work hours don't sound so bad if I say I was at the office from 10 to 5:45 yesterday and omit the "pm to am" bit. Went to bed around 6:30am; was back in the office by 10 (woke up while stumbling down the sidewalk to the train, blinking and wondering why it was so bright outside, and warm, wasn't it night-time?) Still at the office now, and my productivity has ground to a halt so I'm clearing my inbox and... and I'm going to... sleep tonight.

I miss my posse. Chris is on a winery tour, Tank is (presumably) exploring Boston, and Nikki's off at the Cape - all well-deserved vacations. On the up side, I have a gorgeous minivan (well, will have; picking up in a week, but it's as good as done). And small doses of randomness from friends, like the yellow drum machine (from Gui) and notes on graffiti from Greg, are keeping me sane. My aunt and her family are also good at that.

Finally, Christoph (from Austria) and Seth (from Washington) are here at the OLPC office - hurrah for hacker friends!