The first Health Jam is over and some notes are here. My scattered thoughts:

  • It was the smallest Jam I've ever been to.
  • Accessibility of space is important - they locked the doors on us, the building was a maze, and I don't know how many participants we lost because they couldn't find us.
  • Man, we need a better HPI. (Human Participation Interface. It's like an API, but for volunteers. Seth and I are now using the acronym quite a bit between ourselves.)
  • Seth and Iain
    are even cooler in person than they are online. It was once 5am before Seth and I forced ourselves to stop talking so that we could get some sleep.
  • In retrospect, eating a 6-egg chili omelet over hash browns in one sitting may not have been the brightest idea I've ever had.
  • MUMPS is pretty awesome - not the disease, the programming language. It's also incredibly ugly and feels like swinging around a sledgehammer, but I actually... like it. I want to keep on playing with this.

We did get covered in the student paper - the cute kid in the second picture is my cousin Neil.