Announcement. May 10th, Boston Commons, the day after I turn 22.

I'm planning on spending my birthday (technically the day after, since my birthday is a Friday this year) in a park with good cheese, bread, and most likely sparkling apple cider (we can get good wine afterwards, but it isn't allowed in the park). Noon to 5pm, come anytime, go anytime. Just hanging out, eating good cheese, probably reading and sketching, thinking, having long conversations with people who show up about... eh, life, the universe, and everything. You know.

Everyone is welcome, whether I've met you in person before or not. RSVPs appreciated so I know how much bread and cheese to get - comment below, or email me (firstname at firstnamelastname dot com). If I haven't met you before in person, please do email me and introduce yourself so I know who to look out for. Feel free to pass around to anyone who's interested.

Recommendations for where to get good bread and cheese (and cider) also welcome! Preferably somewhere that won't break the bank... or I may try to learn how to bake some bread myself (I have a vague memory of when Cathy taught a few of us how to do it that one time). Compatriots for bread-bakin' and/or shoppin' and for cheese acquirin' also welcome, likely in the morning of.

(Oh. If you know of something major going on that I should re-schedule this stuff around, let me know that as well. I'm throwing this out there to make sure there are no collisions, in part.)

[Edit: Some people have asked about presents. No need to bring anything - as the corny saying goes, your presences are the best presents. (Though if there's bread and cheese or any other sort of foodstuffs you want to share, they'd be welcomed.) If you really want to give me something, teach me something. Whether that's how to dance or how to use the bash shell with impunity or how to walk on my hands or give good feedback or write grants or or make an .rpm or apply to grad school or play 12-bar blues on the guitar or what you're doing for research, I'd like to learn.]