I usually don't turn on the awww-meter, but this is one of the geekiest and sweetest proposals I've ever seen.

On a completely unrelated note, last night was All Nations Festival at I.House - SO MUCH FOOD. I handed $3 to the Italian booth expecting a tiny pat of pasta (consistent with NYC prices for food), but waddled away with a heaping plate loaded with eggplant parm and ziti and two gargantuan meatballs. I managed to wash that down with some German beer (the German booth was very popular) and follow it up with a Chinese tea egg and some Greek baklava before I petered out (a shame, because the Sri Lankan chicken curry looked delicious, and the French booth had crepes). And then there was a sumo wrestling match, a capoeira roda, Chinese calligraphy painting, swing dancing!!!! and some incredibly impressive salsa dancing. I wish I could move like that.

I was helping out at the USA food booth. We had pulled pork sandwiches, apple brown betty ("cobbler" - easier to make en masse than pie), and brownies. Yes, we know none of them are actually native to America. They're tasy, though. David (dwins) from TOPP came over and helped us decorate the booth. The results were amusing (we did label it with the disclaimer that it was hand-crafted by American engineers). I've got pictures of this on my phone, but need to figure out how to get them off, so I'll leave with this cliffhanger for the time being.

Also, I'm finding reading source code (well, well-written code) to be quite relaxing when done correctly (ready access to google and/or an interpreter to check out things I'm not sure of or terms I haven't heard before). I should do this more! It's a lot more fun than poring over paper printouts, my previous preferred method of reading code. That one still has the advantage of being portable to things like Sunlight. Or Lunch. I suppose that getting a 802.11-enabled phone would somewhat give me search functionality back for code-on-paper, since I also like being able to draw things in the margins*.

*yes, I have a tablet, but it's not the same.

Generally, New York is growing even more awesome by the minute. The closer I get to leaving (on Saturday), the less I want to - I feel like I've just started to become useful, to meet people, to find out about things going on that I want to do, to... well, I think I would be very happy living here for at least several years before grad school. But then I also want to go to grad school, and to travel, and - right, I'm not supposed to worry about this until May 21. Right.