I'm not the only one who's remarked on this recently, but reading the blogs of friends is an excellent remedy for depression. If all the cool people I admire have their moments of despondence and occasionally feel incompetent, then... maybe I'm sort of normal.

I'm still fighting past nontechnical problems in order to be able to solve technical ones. I am no longer bolting for the tissue box every few seconds; instead, I'm hawking phlegm into the sink every few minutes. It's an improvement; at least it's a great incentive for me to constantly chug water. Also, the wireless router is now more frequently on but the quality of the connection is somewhat more finicky (hey, have you ever tried to configure Trac on a remote server when your connection keeps hanging?)

Finally, I have yet to convince people that I'm not actually on vacation and that I have work to do even if I don't go to the office for a regular paycheck. (Also on my list of myths to dispel: being an electrical engineer does not mean I can wire your house or fix your computer. My idea of "fixing your computer" probably involves installing Linux on it.)

Ok. My connection seems kind of stable now. Armed with the power of screen, I'm going to try getting Trac up again.