Rediscovery of the day: I'm still withdrawn and quiet Mel when I'm in a situation outside my familiarity; the range of situations have just broadened since college started. Seems the places I still get stuck are the purely social ones; parties, clubs, (non-swing) dances, formal business occasions that are more etiquette than actual business, that kind of thing. I wonder if there are Practicalcoholics Anonymous groups that help people like me who need recreational activity to have a definite point.

Also: Bikes are much nicer when their chain doesn't keep slipping, and riding back from Wellesley in the dark without a bike light is a bad idea. (However, biking with Matt Ritter is an eminently enjoyable way to spend an afternoon outside.) I am fully aware that I am spending too much time with my computer in my suite; my lungs are withering, my legs are pasty-white, and the most common greeting I hear is "Mel! Where have you been? I haven't seen you in forever!"

Fixing this.

The next point will actually contain content.