This was my weekend:

Ran from the club fair on Friday to dance blues at in Connecticut all night. Slept on the floor of an upstairs bedroom closet, woke up and padded barefoot downstairs into a living room full of people I'd never met before. Shoveled eggs into my mouth, danced blues, shoveled potatoes into my mouth, danced blues, shoveled hummus into my mouth, danced more blues; failed miserably at learning to dance "dirty blues" because I was laughing too hard, danced blues, went to Red Lobster with Andrew, Erin, and Bonnie and got thoroughly stuffed, then drove to the local university dance hall and alternately did blues, lindy-hopped, and stood in front of windows and fans gasping the sweat off.

Did my first couple o' dips, my first sort-of-aerial, and heard (unexpectedly) compliments on my novice dancing for the first time. When the gym emptied ended I took off my dance shoes and walked sock-footed through the parking lot until Andrew noticed, picked me up, and ran for the car before I could do much about it. Put on my beat-up Merrells and drove back to the house, where I showered the sweat off and then danced blues barefoot in the tiny living room until 4am.

Then Andrew, Kevin, and I piled in my car and drove back to Boston, stopping at a diner for pancakes along the way. I drove from dark to the beginnings of dawn; when I was too groggy, we switched to Andrew, and when I woke up from the passenger seat it was 8am and Kevin had pulled into Alewife. We staggered 5k in the name of breast cancer research, filled our bellies and bags with free samples, rolled back to Olin, and passed out until Krystin and Amanda's apartmentwarming party, where I regained enough consciousness to eat cake and pizza.

Now I'm back at Olin. My legs feel like they're filled with lead shot; they're going to hurt tomorrow. I've got homework to do and a very long nap to take before I'll be capable of doing it. My room is in shambles. My back and shoulders are on fire. I'm still wearing the blue-thread blues bracelet (which is too big for me), and my brain's fried; the computer screen is beginning to waver in and out in a weird fourth dimension I don't think it's supposed to have.

I'm feeling good. It's time for bed.