Living in the Real World: Not really. I drove to different department stores with my mom. This is as close to $uburbia living as I'll probably ever get. I did appreciate dinner, though. A family friend came to visit and we went to Lawry's, which was a heck of a way to end my experiment with vegetarianism (verdict: can't be a strict one, as it worries my parents to no end - also, I appreciate good meat once in a very rare while). I finally had prime rib and Yorkshire pudding, which I've been curious about for ages. It's quite good. Now I go back to eating Very Little Meat. Mm.

By the way, how did those of you who are vegetarian manage to keep your parents from freaking out? Mine fret and frown whenever they see my plate without some meat on it. I'm sure I'm not alleviating their fears that I'll "turn into a hippie or something," but there must be some way to show them that it's not weird, socially alienating, rude, unhealthy, or otherwise bad to not eat meat.

Of course, it'd probably help if I did more research on nutrition and how to eat properly. Anyone got a good book to recommend?

Random stranger: I'm really slacking in this department. Darn it, Mel, talk to people. Today is the Illinois area Olin picnic at Kristen's, so I'll be forced to do this. Yay!

Nontechnical book(s): Finished book on qigong, which is much harder than it sounds (okay, you try standing still with your arms extended for 10 minutes and then tell me how you feel). I wish there was a qigong or tai chi cocurricular at Olin; I'm much more motivated to do something physical when other people are involved. Don't know if other people are interested in taichi/qigong, though. Anyone?

Technical book(s): I can proudly announce that I have one centimeter left to read in Learning Python and a huge respect for good technical textbook writing. Need to learn how to do it fast, as that's supposed to be my AHS capstone.

Productivity: When you spend half the day in department stores (not by choice, mind you) it's hard to get much done. Please convince my mother that I do not need new clothes. I don't want to go back there!

Final grade for the day: F. Today's report should, however, be immensely better.