Traveling with a small child takes an excruciatingly long time. Audrey (age 2.8) is actually not that small any more; when she decides that your stomach is a trampoline, it's a very good idea at this point to dissuade her.

Went to Allandale Farm in Brookline for the first time today. They're the last working farm in the Boston/Brookline area, and boy are their strawberries good. I feel so disconnected from the world in this 2006-techie lifestyle; my food comes from cans, my transportation from a large lunk of steel, I sleep in a drywall box, wear clothes spun from plastic, and talk to other people by hitting buttons and reading letters on an electric screen. Sometimes I feel like I don't actually live on this planet at all, but I don't actually know how to; if you booted me out into the woods with a knife, I'd be dead within a month.

I admire people who design technologies that help connect us with the world instead of adding another layer of abstraction between people and people or people and nature.