I am overworked, behind, and sick. Everything is okay. Everything is okay. I'm taking a deep breath now. I am overworked, behind, and sick, but this will all pass. As a matter of fact, I think I smell an engineering problem. Optimization of self - go, go, go! Project time span: 3 days. By 3pm on Friday the 9th, I will no longer be overworked, behind, and/or sick.

Issue 1: Sick.

Fix-it plan:

  • Sleep - at least 5 hours a night, uninterrupted.
  • Water - At least 96 oz a day. Juice does not count.
  • Food - Hot food. Good nutrition. No more skipping meals - at least 3 a day. No junk.
  • Medicine - Purchasing some sort of effervescent cold remedy. Taking religiously.
  • Warmth - Will wear jacket when outside at all times. Will take hot showers every morning and night to clear sinuses OF DOOM.
  • Exercise - No running, but study breaks will consist of stretching.

Issue 2: Overworked.

Fix-it plan:

  • Company - work in lounges and labs and classrooms with other people as much as possible for sanity's sake.
  • Breaks - at least one full hour of every day will be devoted to doing something I want, no matter what is due.
  • Workspace - my desk will be kept clean. No matter how in a hurry I am or how late I will be, I always have time to put whatever it is back in a folder or drawer.

Issue 3: Behind.

Fix-it plan:

  • Tuesday evening: Finances, filing, family obligations.
  • Tuesday night: ECS grading.
  • Wednesday morning: Comparch reading.
  • Wednesday afternoon: ODO research.
  • Wednesday evening: Comparch writing.
  • Wednesday night: Matsci experiments and analysis.
  • Thursday morning: HFID coding.
  • Thursday afternoon: Matsci draft writing.
  • Thursday night: HFID presentation.
  • Friday morning: Matsci final writing.
  • Friday night: Formal dancing. Lord help me.

Doing later:

  • Comparch studying.
  • Comparch coding.
  • HFID writing.
  • HPV compiling.
  • HPV designing.
  • Matsci presentation.
  • Matsci studying.
  • Career fair publicity.
  • Expo prep.
  • Discrete testing.
  • Personal correspondence.

I'll post progress updates in the comments. Go, go, go!