Justifying my existence at home at the moment, so here's what I've done so far.

Dec. 31 - Installed Fedora 1 on my parents' computer with most of the trimmings. Read the first 300 pages of a discrete math textbook, ran through the first lesson on my Spanish CD.

Jan 1 - Played an hour of Half-Life. Yes, this is productive; I've wanted to play FPSs for a while but could never justify putting the time in, but now I have an agreement with a friend for winter break; I play video games, he reads nonfiction books. So I feel all justified shooting down headcrabs. Anyway. Read the next 200 pages of the discrete math textbook (I'd hoped to finish it, really) and tried yoga. Also did some design brainstorming with my friends and my father, mostly centering on water purification, housing, and boats. Skipped spanish today.

Jan 2 - This morning was mostly eaten by church, but we had good filipino food for lunch. Went to the library and got many, many books, about half of them on standardized education. Later tonight I'll be finishing the discrete textbook (only 300 pages to go), playing another hour of half-life, doing more yoga, and then... whatever.