Part of the QualMIP series, introduced here.

This is public documentation of a message I recently sent to the group; there have been lots of changes/info floating around lately, so I brought them all into one place for clarity.

This email contains 5 parts:

  1. What you need to bring to Monday
  2. What I need to bring to Monday
  3. What we will be doing Monday
  4. What you'll need to do between Monday and returning from spring break
  5. What I expect you to bring back to studio after spring break

What you need to bring to Monday:

  1. A data collection schedule for the rest of the project; your data collection time (observations, interviews, time spent with artifacts) should be solidly on each of your individual calendars. We'll be creating a shared one on Monday.
  2. An annotated/scaffolded selection of your fieldnotes to share. Your scaffolding should include specifications of what you'd like your teammates to give back to you -- think of it as giving them a small homework assignment. Your teammates will be working with it for the next 2 weeks, so point out hard parts, ask them good questions; put them to work for you. (I'll be modeling this process on Monday, so we'll leave time at the end of Monday to update your annotations and print them out -- but you should have your data and your first attempt at scaffolding/annotating them before arriving, even if that scaffolding is a piece of paper with 2 sentences of context and 3 questions for the group.)

What I need to bring to Monday:


  1. My data, scaffolded for you to engage with it.
  2. Questions about your data collection schedule and your process and evolving focus.
  3. Encouragement. :)


What we're doing on Monday:

12:00-1:00: (in office) Mel models data-sharing
1:00-1:30: (at lunch) -- brain break time
1:30-2:00: (at lunch) -- reflection/comparison discussion; what was I doing as I modeled? What can you do with your own data?
2:00-2:30: (on your own) -- artifact updating/printing
2:30-3:00: (in office) Project forward planning, including another round of clarification on your research questions/data/methods, master schedule creation, and sending a participation opportunity list to potential collaborators from another professor's research group.

What you'll do between Monday and when we get back from spring break:

  1. Respond to your teammates' data, using the prompts they wrote to guide you. Ask them for clarification if necessary; don't feel like you need to engage with this all on your own.
  2. Collect/analyze more of your own data. Remember to memo! Leave traces that you think will help you later. Remember that your teammates' data/prompts may inspire some of your own thinking.

What you'll bring back from spring break:

  1. Responses to your teammates' data, in whatever format they've requested.
  2. All your data, in digital or physical form. If digital, write what it is on a post-it so we have a physical representation (if you come a few minutes early, our office has plenty of post-its). We'll be creating a master data inventory/taxonomy during the post-spring-break studio.