The Dreyfus brothers developed their model of skill acquisition for the US Military in the 80's. It describes mastery as the process of increasing one's ability to independently improvise through a complex environment. Later, Crismond and Adams pointed out that "mastery" (according to this scale) is an unrealistic expectation for a semester-level course, or even a senior undergraduate -- 4 years of college will not make someone an expert in their field. "Competence" is a more reasonable level to strive for -- basic proficiency that sets a new graduate up to continue learning as a junior practitioner in the working world.

As with the Self-Authorship comic, this was produced for the Purdue Polytechnic Institute (PPI) and is open-licensed and available online (as you can see), so yes — feel free to share this with your friends however you would like.

Mastery (Dreyfus model of skill acquisition on one page)