Today's ENE (engineering education) department seminar is "Psst... Wanna Eavesdrop on My Research? Transplanting Radical Transparency Practices from Hacker Culture and Disability Activism into the World of Qualitative Research in Education." The Today's abstract is here,  and you are on the presentation's homepage -- welcome!

  • The live transcription of the seminar is at -- thanks to Terry Wood, our CART provider!
  • The slides are available at and are also embedded at the end of this presentation.
  • The presentation will be recorded on BoilerCast, and this blog post will link to the podcast once it is live.
  • I will be indicating slide changes and slide numbers during the presentation so that transcript-readers and podcast-listeners can follow along with the slides. I will do my best to repeat all audience questions; if you're in the audience, help me remember!
  • The text for copyright transfer is here and the license-chooser is here (I recommend you allow modifications and commercial uses, resulting in the Attribution-Share-Alike license).
  • The public data demo is at and is also embedded below.
  • Edit: The full transcript (with slide images embedded) is available in my next blog post.

Psst... Wanna Eavesdrop on My Research? from Mel Chua