Our hearts are restless 'till they rest in you. -- St. Augustine

Nomadic ADHD hacker tiger woman? Yeah, I know a thing or two about restlessness. I often feel like I'm a hot-potato plasma cannon with no safety. There's power there, but danger too; sit too long with something or someone, and I'll scorch a hole clean through. It scares me. I used to always keep it in, and it burned me. Then I learned to always let it out, and was a tidal wave that swept people away. Now I need to learn control so I can choose a balance of the two -- so that my light can shine, but I don't need to be afraid of staying. I'm moving away from binaries, learning a fluency along the spectrum.

For Lent this year, I'm giving up verbosity. I usually don't edit... anything. For 40 days, I will. Conciseness and deliberation in both speech and writing; not perfect silence or stillness (binaries), but conscious voicing (spectrum). This means I will be quiet, frustrated, slow (this post took me an hour to write), and awkward... but the hard is what makes it good.