I woke up around 5:30am this morning (sans alarm; I slept a bit before midnight and I'm really rockin' the early bird schedule these days) and started loading things into the minivan, with a break for a gigantic breakfast at Triple XXX (eggs!).

Yesterday I headed to the local Crossfit gym for some on-ramping. I was able to pack the first 2 basic sessions into less than an hour; Nick, who gave me the on-ramp, commented that I picked up on movement patterns quickly -- yay for dancing! I might not have strength or flexibility, but I do have the capacity to quickly develop coordination. (Strength and flexibility are relative. When 3 sets of a circuit that includes 10 pull-ups per set is a warm-up, then... yeah, I'm not yet strong. But compared to the start of the semester? Mmm!)

Yesterday I also had a little research group meeting, my meeting with Robin, dinner at the Huff household (I'm so glad I'll be able to keep going there in the spring), a brief stop-over at the Breed household... it was a good day, and I am getting more comfortable here, and there are people here, and it's going to be good to come back to them in the spring. (I also found the second set of Convocations tickets. Mea culpa, Lindsey.)

Now I'm gently tugging old memories off the walls, which my Ama ritually-purified with a plastic bag of salt and rice when I moved in. A small box of books and papers are being set aside for winter reading (getting in the habit in Seattle!) and a printer being unpacked with a hasty prayer that I'll be able to set it up correctly again when I properly move into Dance House in a few weeks; right now this is all going in the basement.

After I get things into the minivan and/or Dance House, I've got a last round of garbage/recycling takeout and vacuuming/scrubbing, then a last round of on-campus drop-offs, and then I'll drive Kyler to Chicago, and then... I'll go home. The review and archiving of this semester's materials will occur over the weekend with a little wrap-up, but for all intents and purposes, I'm done here. Transitions and breathing and on to the next seamless bit of life.