I'm a finalist in the blogging scholarship contest, which feels odd because I blog for my future self -- not for pageviews or rankings or whatnot (though it's been an amazing thing to get to know people through, and I am very grateful for that!) I think now we're supposed to get people to vote for us, but I've never really known how to do that (nor have I ever been particularly comfortable doing it).

If the internet is listening... halp? I'm not sure why I'm so uncomfortable around the topic of "hey look, publicity! ask people for votes!" -- and because of that awkwardness, I don't actually know how to go about it (I mean, I'm sure I could brainstorm ideas, but the "aaah, awkward!" makes me have something of a mental block about it).

I'm also kind of mired in this massive overload of work and life stuff at the moment, which makes my thinking less clear than I'd like it to be, and means I'm focused on other things, like acquiring funding for next school year, passing my classes this semester, and ensuring I don't implode over Thanksgiving break when I'm supposed to be spending quality time with family and friends. So, um... if you have thoughts on this, I'd welcome them, because I... have no brain cells capable of firing on it right now.