Yesterday I took a break from my Readiness Assessment to accept the Open Access Graduate Student Award from Purdue Libraries and to sit on a panel on the topic. It was a good break, and I was surprised by a request for an interview afterwards, which is how others in my department found out I'd gotten it. Ironically, I can't hear my own radio interview.

Wow, I'm really hyperfocusing on that paper now. Most other things have faded into this dim sort of background noise I can't remember very well. It's a weird, weird tunnel effect that I want to step back and analyze, but I'm entirely too tired to do that right now. Interesting things are going by in my classes (open canal fits in hearing aids class, more fun with Hadoop in R, and then in Robin's Design-Cognition-and-learning class we're talking about the practice patterns of informed designers and teaching interventions for helping students learn them) and I'm participating in the room, and then blanking out afterwards.

Write, dance, sleep.