Title says it all, except for the fact that the 8 pages are single-spaced, so double-spaced (as requested by my committee) I'm actually at 17 pages - and a lot of the blank bits are pictures, so if I scan those in I'm probably at close to 25 pages after tonight. My final document is going to be marathon-length unless I do a crapton of cutting over the weekend after I get all the words in their proper locations. I hope I'll be able to do a crapton of cutting. I need to learn to be concise. But right now I'm going to go fall over from exhaustion and sleep for 5 hours before heading to the gym to run and see how many pushups I can do after a lot of dancing and an arm slightly sore from a flu vaccination (okay, maybe not my best fitness test score ever tomorrow).

Scribd is processing the document, so I'll embed it in this post later, because I'm freakin' going to bed. So for now, here's the link.

Since it's 1:20am now, some musings on process: my writing process isn't as fine-tuned as I'd like it to be, but at least I have one, and I'm exposing more of it for this paper than I ever have (as far as I can tell) so I'll be using this data afterwards to help myself improve the writing side of my research life. I want to become one of those professors whose research skills are a well-trained, fine-tuned, and constantly honed machine -- and right now I've only got the vaguest idea of what that looks like without staying up past midnight too many times unplanned, working like an exhausted maniac and having personal life frequently and randomly get shoved to the wayside.

How to be superefficient with your research time so you can get quality output and have time to spend on the people you want to spend it with -- family, students, your own tired introvert self? If I can figure that out by the time I graduate, that will be TOTAL WIN.