Woke up this morning and thought I was fine after a good 6 hours of sleep, but after dragging through dance class, I realized my brain was starting to spew stuff like this and that the best thing I could do for my RAT at the moment was to rest and eat and rub out the muscles in my right hip, which have gone a little funny since last night's tech rehearsal.

So. Next task, for a little while: cook and eat brunch, drink some water, take some vitamins, and nap. When I am rested, I will have a clearer mind.

My tired brain has, apparently, a funny little sense of humor -- I got a huge kick out of my buddy Seb Benthall's subtle parody of academic analysis (which he explains more in an aftermath post because so many people didn't get it). It's this sort of humor that begins to creep increasingly into my scholarly writing when I'm tired or stressed. Interesting.