This is a quick meditation in graphics and text riffing off Koehler et al's "With a Little Help From Your Students: A New Model for Faculty Development and Online Course Design." This isn't particularly polished; it was dashed off in an experiment for Design, Cognition, and Learning class at Purdue University in Fall 2012 in an attempt to play with the ideas of a scholarly paper in a non-formal way.

While the output isn't my best thing ever (actually, it feels downright unstructured and intellectually weak to me in many places), it was fun to play with the idea of "paper as jazz fakebook" -- here's a structure I can experiment from, and it was more about writing/thinking/sketching in the moment than it was about producing something rock-solid for the ages. A solo academic jam session. Writing practice. The more I do, the better I'll get.

Here's how I run mental scales in grad school.

Design as Initiation