...but have not yet had time for.

  1. My summer plans and projects, which are pretty epic.
  2. Stuff I've been learning about ADHD lately - treatments, coping mechanisms I've inadvertently evolved, that sort of thing.
  3. Stuff I've been learning about hearing aids, speech therapy, and other things that go with the Great Deafness Adventure lately, including music and learning foreign languages.
  4. Cognitive apprenticeships! And how they relate to open (source, content, hardware) communities. I just wrote a giant term paper on this which I am really, really not happy with, so my plan is to post that sucker online under a creative commons license, and then work through it bit by bit, expanding each piece into a blog post, seeing what happens with those ideas, and then rolling that back into a better piece of work.
  5. The blogging workshop I'll be teaching starting in 2 weeks. I've mentioned this in posts before when I was recruiting participants, but now I've actually started thinking about pedagogy and materials and such, and want to go through some of that thinking in public (because if it's in my head, I don't really understand it... but if I write it down and talk about it with people, I grok).
  6. Radically transparent research as a research technique, and the few projects that have started using it even at this very early stage. What the heck "radically transparent research" means.
  7. A recap and reflection of my 26th year of life, and what I want out of my 27th... I turn 26 in exactly one week, and I think I might actually... ask for a birthday present, this time. I need to formulate my request better, but I'll write about it here.

If you're particularly interested in one or another of these things, comment and I'll be motivated to actually write about it. :) Otherwise, I'll use this as a reminder to myself of what I wanted to write about, but give myself permission to maybe-never-get-around-to-it and be okay with that.