The video of my DML 2012 lightning talk is up! My blog post transcript is not quite accurate, but it's close enough, and the message is the same.

Looking back at it with a more critical eye -- wow, I'm nervous, and it shows in the stumbles. Not the smoothest talk I've ever given (in fact, I remember shaking as I walked off the stage). I talk fast, but I'm understandable and relatively clear, which isn't too bad -- and there are audience reactions (which I remember with gratitude).

All in all, considering that I was running on close to no sleep fresh off a practically-overnight flight to San Fransisco while converting this talk from a 2-person one to a solo one on the plane, it wasn't bad. (Sebastian was originally a co-presenter, but we hit SIGCSE so exhausted we decided he'd take the brunt of SIGCSE so I could breathe enough to do DML while he went back early to rest). Redoing an Ignite talk is tougher than a normal talk - it's 5 minutes, slides auto-advance every 15 seconds - so you need to get your timing down. I was running this constantly on the plane, on the taxi... the video makes the slides look more out of sync to my talking than they actually are (the slides I'm actually talking about are a few seconds behind the video).

Need to get more of my talks recorded so I can do more comprehensive post-mortems of what I need to work on. Right now, I know timing, pacing, and fluidity of movement -- I'm energetic and that shows, but I use the same movements and gestures again and again, and while I move across the stage, I don't own it with the quiet confidence really good speakers have.

I'll practice more.