All right, order I know the open source world has fast turnaround times, but this is just ridiculous. And awesome.

You may have seen my first attempt at a business card design for Eucalyptus community members.  I sent it out thinking that maybe there would be feedback in a week or so, and I'd crank out a v.2.0 then...

It took four hours.

I woke up this morning to find that Jef van Schendel, a design student in the Netherlands who hacks on Fedora, had taken my design draft and made an svg mockup with color matching, more whitespace, and better alignment. Simultaneously, David Butler, the VP of Marketing at Eucalyptus, dropped a "contributor" logo variant into my inbox.

And so less than 24 hours after the first design was posted, we have an infinitely better one. BAM.

Helpful hints for future Euca swag designers: Eucalyptus-blue is #003f5e or 0, 63, 94 in RGB, and Eucalyptus-green is #8cc63f or 140, 198, 63 in RGB. Also, here's how to make custom colors in LibreOffice.

The LibreOffice file is available for download here. It's basically Jef's design converted to LibreOffice and using David's logo. As with the first card design, you'll need the Gillius ADF font - ttf-adf-gillius from Ubuntu repositories, adf-gillius-fonts in Fedora ones, or just download Gillius Collection fonts directly.

Finally, a reminder from Greg:

Because we don’t have our trademark policy yet, use of this design is restricted to those who have explicit permission to do so. Which we will give quite liberally, but still, that permission is legally required to ensure that we maintain legal control over our trademarks.

So if you want that permission, find us on IRC (#eucalyptus, or the mailing list ( and let us know of your intention to use these cards. If you’re even considering this, it’s likely to be a very brief conversation that ends with us saying “approved, go for it.”

Happy conferencing! And remember, release early, release often. You never know who's watching!